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Covid-19 measures

Current status: Level 4 lockdown

Covid-19 safety measures

The following measures will be in place at all branches of The Workspace once we re-open.

Temperature screening

Temperature screening on entry for all members, staff and visitors

Hand sanitizers

Distribution of 70% alcohol hand sanitizer throughout branches


Thorough ongoing sanitization and disinfection of all work areas

PPE equipment for all staff

All staff equipped with personal protective equipment

Social distancing

Implementation of social distancing markers in coworking and common areas

Education & training

Ongoing education & training of staff around hygiene practices

The Workspace is committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of members during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

This includes a comprehensive, evolving set of social distancing and hygiene measures designed to reduce the risk of Covid-19 contamination and transmission.

Branch access policies are determined in accordance with the current lockdown level as specified by national and provincial governments.

In addition, access to branches will be subject to mandatory temperature screening for all staff, members and visitors.

Should you require further information, please email covid19@theworkspace.co.za or view our guide to our operations during level 4 of the lockdown here.

For more information on our Covid-19 health policies, please refer to our Covid-19 hygiene handbook.

When can I return to my office?

Access to office facilities will be determined in accordance with regulations set forth by the government for the current lockdown level.

Only businesses and members permitted to operate during the current lockdown level will be allowed to access our facilities.

Which services are available during lockdown?

Branch services are currently restricted to cleaning and maintenance in support of businesses permitted to operate during the current lockdown level.

In addition remote IT support services are available to our members, including one hour of free IT support per member.

The availability of business services at branches will be reviewed and adjusted in accordance with changes to national and provincial lockdown levels.

Can I rent an office during lockdown?

Office space and coworking rental is available to businesses that are permitted to operate under the current lockdown level.

We are also accepting bookings from businesses that will resume operations as lockdown restrictions ease – and offering fantastic office space specials!

Please contact your nearest branch for more information.

Covid-19 Resources